Products and Services
Our products are not just any USFD (Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors) adopted for Rail Testing. They are specifically designed for Rail Testing application. Hence, they all are true multi channel Testers, with each probe channel fully independently set and working without interference from other channels.


Our Products offer the following unique features:


Paras Electronics delas with State of Art Ultrasonic Testing machines specifically for maintaining safety of Railway tracks and has established leadership in Indian Railways. The company also provides Ultrasonic Testing services for Indian Railways.

  • High speed digitizer for faithful reproduction of Ultrasonic waveforms
  • Direct calibration using numeric values as well as echo display calibration
  • Built in multiplexer, no separate control box/Junction box.
  • Multi trace multi color display for quick and easy identification of probe.
  • Each channel has separate trace and different colors for different probes
  • Large (132x102 mm) high brightness display
  • Distance measurement upto 9999 mts with 1 mt resolution, with
    Automatic forward/reverse distance counting
  • Distance resettable at Km/TP as per operator choice
  • Operator entries of defect details recording along with envelope printable from PC.
  • Waveform storage is virtually unlimited with data transfer to USB pen drive.


    Digital Ultrasonic Double Rail Tester 711D     TOP


    Conforms to RDSO specification no.M&C/NDT/130/2007


    14 separate channels for different probes working independently


    Defect disply:


    Split into two halves, RH Rail in top & LH Rail in bottom half of the screen




  • Easy and Balanced movement on trackAutomatic gauge trackingTwo metallic water tanks, 20 ltrs eachLight weight yet sturdy design.
  • Overall weight with battery w/o water is approximately 65 Kg

    Digital Ultrasonic Single Rail Tester 511D     TOP



    Conforms to RDSO specification no.M&C/NDT/128/2007


    7 separate channels for different probes working independently


    Defect disply:


    Split into two halves, Central probes in top & GF and NGF probes in bottom half of the screen




  • Light weight, sturdy design
  • Easy and balanced movement on track
  • Overall weight with battery w/o water approximately  21 Kg

    Digital Ultrasonic Weld Tester 311D     TOP


  • Conforms to RDSO specification no.M&C/NDT/129/2005 Rev 1.(June 2011)
  • Has all features of multichannel Digital Rail Testers.
  • Six Separate channels (2 DC and 4 SC) for different probes working independently makes it easy to swap probes without changing calibration again and again.

    Defect disply:


  • Split into two halves, two channels in top & 3 channels in bottom half of the screen
  • The operator can also select a full screen display of required probe channel.
  • Large 132 x 102 mm high brightness display.


    Accessories and Probes     TOP


    We maintain and supply all consumable spares required for our Rail testers at reasonable prices.

    Bulk quantities can also be supplied at short notice.

    All accessories and spares meet the same quality standards as in the original equipment


    Some of the Accessories:


    Wheel Flanges, wheel Drums and Guide Rollers




  • 70° Angle probes (Single Crystal) & 70° F/B Angle Probes .
  • 0° Normal Probes (Double Crystal) & 0° Contact Probe (Single Crystal)
  • 45° Angle Probe (Single Crystal)

    Equipment Maintenance     TOP


  • We provide quick and efficient after sales services for our equipment.
  • We also undertake Annual maintenance contracts for these products.
  • For convenience of users in North and East, we have franchise network for repairs of our equipment.

    The Following are Our franchises For After Sales Services:


    1. Tatva marketting & services Pvt. Ltd., at New Delhi, India

    2. NVJ Electronics and Services., at Kolkata, India

    3. SR Trading Corporation, at Guwahati, India


    Ultrasonic Testing of Rails     TOP


  • We also provide Testing services for Ultrasonic testing of Rails, as per Indian Railway requirements.
  • In last 9 years, we have successfully completed over 60000 Kms of Testing.
  • We have a well trained and dedicated team for Rail Testing work.

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