About Paras Electronics

Paras Electronics is established by a Technocrat with over 30 years of experience in the field of electronics and instrumentation. A dedicated team of engineers and staff strive to satisfy every customer requirement. This has helped us in maintaining a leadership in the segment of our service. Beyond the basic requirements of the Railways, the company has always strived to provide better solutions to the actual user level.

Paras Electronics deals with State of Art Ultrasonic Testing machines specifically designed for maintaining safety of Railway tracks and has established leadership in Indian Railways. The company also provides Ultrasonic Testing services for Indian Railways.

Since a modest begining in 1996, Paras Electronics has grown to be recognised all over Indian Railways.

Since 1998, the awareness and importance of Ultrasonic testing of Rails has grown many fold in preventive maintenance of Rail track. Paras has almost solitary managed the Railway’s increased requirements and emerged as a reliable partner in Railway track safety.

To meet the increased work load of track testing, Railways have started outsourcing the testing work. Even here the company has proved a dependable source of service and successfully completed about 60,000 KMs of Ultrasonic testing in various Railway zones.

In recent past, Paras has indigenously developed State of Art Digital Rail Testers (Models 511D and 711D) and Weld Tester (Model 311D). With the intimate relationship built with the customer, we have been able to deliver these products with unique features to help the railways meet their growing demand of Railway safety.

Paras has supplied nearly 1000 Rail Testers (Both Analog & Digital) to the Indian Railways helping them maintain Safety of the Railway Tracks and maintain the communication life line of the nation.

In keeping with our commitment to provide quality product, the company has established ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) in 2004 and meticulously maintained the quality of process as established.

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